Cola lab-proven to be beneficial!

Do yourself and your child a favour. Click this poster!

I couldn't agree more.

If you were to present to me the scientific fact that the earth actually revolves around the sun, I would still find this poster even more agreeable.

I love the way they make cola sound like a supplement you get over the counter. And I LOVE how every single sentences literally make me roll on the floor then tumble down the stairway almost snapping my neck in two. Read the poster out loud to get the most laughter. Don't forget to use that 50's and 60's optimistic voice!

COLA Promotes Active Lifestyle!

COLA Boosts Personality!

COLA Gives baby essential sugars!


Yeah, babies will just DIE if you don't give 'em essential sugars. What does that even mean? And please tell me there is actually such a thing as essential sugars. Now where can I get them? Oh, wait, I forgot. Cola.

P/S: I don't drink Cola-Cola. But I do drink Nuka Cola. Like, A LOT.
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